03 July 2012

My Grandpa--88

Happy 88th Birthday

July 2, 1924 my grandpa was born...

He is so special to me.  I can't explain it but he has always been a "favorite" of mine.  When he and my grandma moved to NJ and I was single and working I made every effort to visit once or twice a week to make them dinner and check on them or take grandpa food shopping.  

He grew up in Staten Island and his father was very dark skinned black, but his mother was a blue eyed French woman (one of the reasons Julia has blue eyes today...thanks for the blue gene great grandma!).

My grandfather was a nurse, but also played the saxophone, loved Jazz music, and fought in WW2.

I am so proud of the man my grandpa is.  He is a faithful and loyal man.  And he loves his three sons.  My grandpa is very blessed to have my dad.  My dad is the middle son and takes very good care of him.  (My dad took this picture of me and Sara at our visit today).  My grandpa was so in love with my grandma Estelle.  In fact even after she passed he would say he would have dreams or visions of her visiting him in the nursing home.  I don't know if that was an overactive imagination, or dementia or just a deep love and longing for his wife.  But no matter what it was you can tell he loved her so.

I love you grandpa.  I love holding your hand and asking you about your past.  Learning more about you helps me to learn more about myself.

One thing you could pray for is for my grandpa's health.  I think he has had a few mini strokes and the old age is catching up with him.  Please pray that we can keep him happy and comfortable while we are still blessed to have him with us.  All of our days are numbered...

But God you are so good and we are entrusting you to the care of Grandpa.  We know you love him so much more than we do...you love with a perfect love.



  1. Aww!! So sweet.i loved my grandpa too...precious memories..

  2. Definitely will be praying for your Grandpa's health. What a lovely post about a very special relationship in your life. xoxo C


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