23 June 2014

What Do You Look For In A Great Babysitter?

Abby Coyle, Junior at Liberty University

8 Things to Look for in a Great Babysitter!

1. Choose sitters who ENJOY what they do!

When you have babysitters that WANT to watch your children and LOVE what they do you will love paying them and your children will feel LOVED and CARED for.  Most of the babysitters we use are elementary education majors!  They absolutely love children, they love teaching, and they adore the little silly things kids do!

"I enjoy babysitting because kids aren't afraid to be themselves and aren't afraid to use their imagination--we have a lot to learn from children and their innocence."-- Abby Coyle

Hannah Coyle, Junior in High School

2. Choose sitters who want to learn more and have teachable spirits.

There is nothing sweeter than a babysitter who actually takes the time to listen to you and your requests.  I love paying a sitter that I know has listened to everything I asked of them and went above and beyond when they are in charge.  Have you ever had someone watch your kids who did the opposite of what you asked or left a mess afterwards?  For me, choosing a sitter is one of the most important things I consider because, after all, they are watching my precious babies.  I absolutely love when Hannah babysits, not only because my kids adore her (Mark my 5 year old would like to marry her) but because she really listens to my kids and explains things to my kids.  And Julia and Mark ask A LOT of questions.  Hannah pays close attention to details!  If I say, "Hannah they can't have any sweets."  She listens.  If I mention, "No liquids past 7pm." I know for a fact no one had juice after 7pm!

"I like babysitting because I love to spend time one on one with little kids, getting a glimpse into their world."--Hannah Coyle

Holly Terracciano, Early Childhood Education/Special Education Major at NJCU,  graduated college!

3. Choose a sitter who has a passion for fun and will NOT plop your kid in front of the TV the whole time!

All of my babysitters are HANDS ON!  They take the kids in the play room, the basement, outside, they do puzzles, read books, make crafts, the only time they put on a movie is if it is down time before bed or nap time.  I love that when I walk in the door I know my children PLAYED and had fun and they are always super tired after Holly visits!

"Kids are simple and often live in a state between the real world and imaginary world, therefore they say some of the funniest things causing me to erupt in laughter quite often."--Holly T.

Linda Rowan, Junior at Regent University, Education Major

4. Choose a sitter that you know is giving you their best.

Time is a very important thing to a mom!  And when a sitter is habitually late or not on time it can be a red flag.  I love that my sitters are ALWAYS on time, in fact Linda is always a few minutes early which allows me time to give her a run down before I head out the door!  When a babysitter gives you respect and shows up on time you know they are taking their job seriously and giving you their absolute best.

"Babysitting is fun because it gives you a chance to interact with kids and discover their adorable little personalities!" --Linda Rowan

Kimberly Lambertson, graduate of Messiah College, Major in Theater and Minor in Early Childhood Ed.

5. Choose a sitter that knows and loves your family.

John and I are VERY picky about who we allow in our home.  All of our babysitters are people we grew up with.  And oddly enough I went to church with all of their families and babysat most of my babysitters!  If I didn't babysit them, then I taught them in Sunday School class at church or youth group.  They are no longer just friends.  These girls are like our extended family.  All of them.  We love them all dearly and it is awesome to watch them grow as young women.  These young ladies all love our family as well and that love is felt by my children.  You can't ask for anything better than that in a sitter!!!

"I love to see how the different personalities of kids develop.  I find (most) children to be hilarious, and a lot of the time I'd rather hang out with kids instead of adults.  Children tend to be more blunt and honest, which I love."--Kim Lambertson (currently pursing her masters in elementary education through Liberty University online)

Bethany Lambertson,  graduated from Liberty University in Elementary Ed,  working on Masters at TCNJ

6. Choose a sitter that you can be proud of inside and outside of your home.

I think we all take choosing a babysitter seriously because we know even though they may only be with our child for a few hours once in awhile, they are still role models for our kids.  Our kids will look up to them and watch very carefully what they say and do and how they act around them.  I like to ask my kids questions after the babysitter leaves: What did you do?  Did you behave?  Did you have a good time?  Did you need to have a time out?  Were you in trouble at all?  I also like to hear their answers because it tells me how mature the babysitter is by the way they respond to situations.  It is very important to choose a babysitter that has a good reputation not only with your kids but in their community.  If they are considered a "wild child" or a "partier"  you might want to re-think if you want your child around them.  Something I love about all my babysitters is that they have awesome reputations in our home and outside in the real world!

"Babysitting helps me establish how to not only interact with children but how to connect with them, understand them and reach them as students."--Bethany L.

Becky Lambertson, Elementary ed graduate at Liberty Univ.  and earning her masters at TCNJ

7.  Choose a sitter that is going to be HONEST with you!  Trust is so important in any relationship.  Your babysitter needs to feel comfortable to tell you anything!  It isn't easy being honest about bad behavior or a fall or a possible "mishap" while you were gone, but you need to trust your sitter that she will tell you the truth.  Thankfully, I have never had an issue with honesty with my sitters.  They tell me exactly how everyone behaved even if it wasn't all good news.

"Babysitting allows for a person to make personal connection with children, in addition to learning how to properly communicate with parents, which are both vital aspects of teaching!"--Becky L.

Colleen Rowan, Junior, Education Major at Regent University

8. Choose a sitter who has a sense of humor!

Any parent knows that working with kids can be funny.  They burp, pass gas, and say the darndest things!  Your sitter needs to be able to not take themselves too seriously and laugh at the silly side of kids!  Hopefully your sitter isn't too intense or uptight.  Hopefully they enjoy hearing the same knock knock joke 50 times.  Hopefully, your sitter can smile if your child tells them that their hair is a mess!

"Babysitting is fun because it's never boring and always keeps you moving!"--Colleen Rowan

If you are interested in asking one of these babysitters to watch your children please email me at kristimac0601@gmail.com.  They are all absolutely amazing!  It is summertime and most of them are eager to babysit and make money for college!


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