05 June 2014

Car Time: Making Good Use Of Your Time

10 Things To Talk About In The Car With Your Kids

1. Give them Right vs. Wrong scenarios.

2. Ask what they want to be when they grow up!

3. Ask them what qualities should they look for in the person they marry.

4. Ask them who the President is of the United States.  Pray for him and for all our government.

5. Ask, if you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? Why?

6. Ask them what they are afraid of and why.

7. Ask them who their best friend is or their favorite person to play with.  Why?

8. Create a goal with your child.  Ask them what they would like to accomplish this summer? (learn another language, read 100 books, plant a garden, learn to ride a bike, etc.)

9. Ask them how they can serve the people in their neighborhood/community.  Help them do it!

10. Pray for the people you see along the way or people that come to your mind.


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