03 June 2014

I Love Summer

We ARE Loving Our Lazy Summer Days

As you all know, we've been done with school (we start in August) and so the past week or so have just been really fun just being together without school books.  We still do a ton of reading and some writing, but for the most part we are out and about at parks, in our backyard, at the library, picking berries, playing with friends, and just RELAXING!

Summer begins for me, when the school books close, and the sun stays out, and we can just be a part of the outdoors and have lots of new adventures!  Even though I am pregnant I am trying to plan one fun outing a week and the rest of the week we stay close to home but do fun things like painting, writing stories, playing with friends, visiting family, and being creative.

I am seeing all our flowers blooming and our lawn is so lush and green (thank you Lawn Doctor, thank you).  We also have several new robins who visit our trees and sing to us in the morning.  These sunny days are just so lovely and happy you can do nothing else than go outside and be a part of it.


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