17 June 2014

Why New Experiences Are Great


I was so excited when Mark turned 5 this May because I knew this year he would be eligible to join Summer Quest at Timothy Christian School along with his big sister Julia.

Last year at gymnastics camp (we only did it one day a week) Mark had a VERY hard time leaving me.  I wasn't sure if it was because Micah was just born, or he is so shy, or he was overwhelmed, but every time I dropped him off there were tears, and I ended up walking to my car crying and calling my best friend Suzette to pray.

I knew that my kids needed to learn how to separate from mommy.  I knew that new experiences and challenges would make them stronger.

I just did not like pushing them to do something that was not comfortable for them.  Now, Julia, is a completely different story.  She tells me that she will miss me or that she is nervous to go, but she at least tries and makes a million friends in the process.  She doesn't let her fear paralyze her the way Mark sometimes does.  I know they both have different personalities and so I am working on helping both of them.

When we found out we were pregnant this year my first thought is what will I do during the summer when I will be SO pregnant????? I knew the big kids would need something fun and new and energetic this year so when I started seeing posts on Facebook about Summer Quest 2014 at Timothy Christian School I knew it would be AWESOME.

The Must Haves

First of all, it's at a christian environment.  That is very important to me!  I want my children to hear about Christ and be surrounded by His love wherever they go.  The first day of camp when Julia came home she goes, "Mom we prayed A LOT!"  It was so awesome to know that they are hearing about Jesus at camp and that the workers are people I've worked with and known and loved for years and years.

Second of all, it is pure fun!  At camp the kids get to sing, play at recess time, draw, create, do crafts, and go on Field Trips.  It is all about having fun and going outside to run and play.  We work hard during the school year so summer time HAS to be time for fun!!!

Lastly, they are together.  Julia and Mark ARE twins. At least they think they are.  At gymnastics camp they were separated by age and so they could not be together.  At Summer Quest all the kids are together.  However, they may break off into groups at times, but at least Mark can see Julia and feel comfortable.  He knows I am coming back for him.  He knows his sister is there and that she has his back.

The Skills 

By allowing your child to do something new and challenging them you are helping them to spread their wings!  I wasn't sure how Mark was going to do on that first day...I was scared.  I was apprehensive.  But John talked to him the night before and prayed with both of them.  We layed down our family rules and reminded them what we expected from them when they were there.

When I dropped Mark off his hands were in his pockets and he was quiet, but when I picked him up he was all smiles and telling me all about his day!  He loved it.  Of course Julia made 6 new girlfriends, two of which I met and loved, a little Indian girl named Critika and a Chinese girl named Chelsea...both first graders like Julia.  I love that Mark told me he didn't make friends that day, but that he still had fun and talked to the other kids.  (today he said he did make a friend, Aaron, I was so happy).

Children need to learn to be friendly, and social, and well behaved wherever they go!  Camp is a great place to practice all of those skills!  I am so excited for this summer adventure for them.  We still have the rest of this week and another week in July.

So far we love Summer Quest!!!!! Miss Ramunda and all the awesome helpers are so amazing with the kids.  They make sure everyone is having fun and feels accepted.  Thank you Becky and Bethany L. and Emma Sibilla and Sarah Hubler.  WE love you all!

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  1. This week we will be challenging our six year old with swim lessons! It is great for them to go out of their comfort zone a bit. It helps build strength. I am glad your kids are enjoying Summer Quest.


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