14 June 2014

8 Months Pregnant!

10 Weeks Til We Meet Amelia!

I am very excited to have this baby!  I feel very prepared.  However, I am in no rush for her to get here.  I think with every pregnancy towards the end I was like, "can I just meet them already?!"

And after having 3 kids, I am very very content to just carry this baby in my belly!  I know the minute she gets here life is going to drastically change (yet again!) and we will have lots of adjustments (and late night feedings) to make.  So for now sweet Amelia...keep growing, keep developing, and stay comfy and cozy in there!

This summer we are looking to sell our home, take our family on vacation, host some more BBQ's, and just enjoy the nice weather.  I'm most excited about bringing the kids to the beach in July.  It's our tradition to go once a week!  Do you think I can bring 3 kids to the beach, lug all of our stuff, and carry this baby belly!? I hope so!  We couldn't go last year because Micah was only a few months old and life was way too chaotic!

My goal the next two months is to really enjoy my kids.  I want to be present in each moment.  I want to listen to the big kids read, and enjoy our trips to the park and the library.  I want to watch Micah explore the sand and the ocean.  I want to eat ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.  I want to hold John's hand and watch the sun set and maybe put our feet in the hot tub.  Whatever we do, as long as I'm with my family, I'm pretty near perfectly happy!


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