11 June 2014


Because You Were Made For More...

For the next 8 weeks me and about 10 other women will be doing this Bible Study together.  I am so thankful for Danielle and Tabitha spear heading this and leading this study so that through the summer we can stay connected and grounded in the Lord.

Too often I get so busy making life wonderful for my kids that I save Bible devotion time for the evening and then by then...I'm too tired to read and study His Word.

This study will be SO good for us!  It's every week and we have HOMEWORK!  I get so excited about homework...I know I am a nerd.  But homework is awesome.  And this book has such great thinking questions that really causes you to pause and reflect, and dare to dream about what God has for you.  One of the questions we answered as a group today are what are your top 3 dreams for yourself.  This made us all really think!  That was hard!  And aren't we lucky?  We have the luxury to dream.  We don't have to worry about food on the table or wondering where we will sleep at night or how we will get from here to there.  We are so stinkin blessed in this country to have the luxury to have dreams.

What are your top 3 dreams?

1. I'd love to get my doctorate in education some day.
2. I'd love to be a well known speaker or author for women's ministry. (And in some way use it to bless other moms or young women)
3. I really want to see my children come to Christ at young ages and impact our world for His glory.

My three kiddies: Julia 6, Mark 5, Micah now1

What is my purpose?

1. To honor God with my life
2. Submit and love my husband John
3. Raise my kids to love God and serve Him, teach them the Word
4. Be a blessing in my neighborhood/community
5. Be committed to my church family

The author talked about in the book that many times we get so tired of "running our marked race" that we fall to the side of the road and just become a bystander.  We get hurt in the race, we get tired, we get numb, we forget why we are running, we may forget our purpose.  As moms, we get so hung up in the mundane every day "mom tasks" like cleaning, diaper changing, and cooking we essentially forget to dream, forget our purpose and maybe even stop running our race.

The four starting places

1. Comfortable- busy, surviving, somewhat content

2. Thirsty- You are hurt and longing for more

3. Running Free- You feel purpose and running full speed ahead in obedience

4. At the starting line- do you know God? do you have a relationship with him?

All I can say is this study is going to be awesome!!! I am so excited to see what God has in store for all of us.  Please feel free to grab your own copy of the book and read and learn and study along with us.  I will be posting after each meeting some of the main points and my thoughts!

I'm excited to Dream again and see all that God is going to reveal to all of us.


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