12 June 2014

Why is he the best dad?

Sometimes being the "first one" isn't always the easiest...

I love my dad for so many reasons but if I really think about why I am truly proud of my dad and what makes me admire the man that he is it would have to be how he always stood out in his family.

He was the first one to become President of his High School student council.  He was the first one to go to a University.  He was the first one to leave NY and move to NJ.

My dad always set his mind to achieving his goals.  He was such a well-rounded kid.  He did tap, played every sport possible (excelled in baseball and football, but he played basketball too), and he always did well in school.  He was so smart, and he still is.

My dad is a very quiet, shy person, but once you get to know him he is just the warmest, funniest guy around.  He makes all of us laugh!  My dad grew up with 2 brothers, but when he started his family he ended up with all girls.  Poor dad, we grew up in a house with one bathroom and four women!  Poor guy never had a chance in that room with all of us fixing our hair, doing our makeup and taking baths and showers!

Dad always made all of us feel loved and special.  Growing up he worked in the city at AVON.  He is an artist/graphic designer.  Before computers he did all his layouts for magazines BY HAND!  That's a lot of drawing/sketching.  He is truly talented.  I used to love pay day because he would come home on Friday with a special something for all of us.  I will never forget the bird that whistled, my glass peach, or the mirror that talked!  He loved shopping for us.

Most dads always put themselves last on the list.  They are the last to go to the bathroom, the last to get new shoes, and the last to eat at night.  I would always wonder why Dad never got new clothes or shoes, but now as a mom I understand.  He was always working very hard to provide for all of us.

The thing I admire the most about my dad is how faithful he is to my mom.  They have been married for 38 years and their marriage is truly a legacy of love.  It hasn't always been easy.  But they stuck it out and hung in there for the sake of their vows and the love of our family.

I also love how my dad moved all of us to New Jersey when all of our family was in Staten Island.  My parents wanted a better life for us.  And it meant a lot of sacrifice on their part.  They left the comforts of home to move to a safer neighborhood and better schools for us.  It was very hard for us at first because we were the first Black family to live on our block.  We were the only ones for a long time.  It was hard in Elementary school and Middle school too because I was usually the only Black girl in class.  But I saw where my parents grew up and I was thankful to be where we moved to.

Thank you Dad, for working hard, and being faithful and loyal to us for all these years.  I love you dearly!


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  1. Thank you darling. I love you so dearly and am so proud of the woman and mother you've become--an answer to prayer...


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