02 June 2014

Third Trimester

Micah and Mia

We are getting closer!

We are in the home stretch of our pregnancy! Woohoo!  At my last doctor visit, Dr. Giovine, said this is definitely the quickest part of the pregnancy.  I laughed because every woman who has ever been pregnant knows that it may go by quickly but it can be the most uncomfortable part of the pregnancy!  As the belly gets rounder it gets harder and harder to do every day normal tasks.  Even washing the dishes (this is a great time to teach little ones to be excellent helpers) can be tough because the belly touches the sink as you wash each dish.

The two hardest parts for me are keeping up with micah who moves very quickly and often gets himself into trouble, and the leg cramps at night!  I take all my vitamins and have been eating as many fruits and veggies as possible but I still get awful leg cramps! Ouch!  Thankfully, school is done for us and we have a MUCH more relaxed schedule.  

We are looking forward to pool playdates, the beach, berry picking, and other fun outings with friends and family.  The weather has been so nice lately and we always want to be outside!  The big kids have the skateboards and Micah likes to ride his bikes and push the Little Tikes lawn mower around.

In just a few weeks our baby girl will be here!  We already have nicknamed her Mia.  Her formal name is Amelia Susanna...we think....we are still in the process of seeing how we like the sound of that!  Her diaper bag is packed and the big sister and brother t-shirts are packed and ready to go too!  The only things I have left to do are write my birth plan, and put air in my yoga ball, which I like to use during labor.

Getting excited for sure!


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