04 October 2016


Song of Solomon 5: 16 "His mouth is most sweet, Yes, he is altogether lovely, This is my beloved, and this is my friend..."
I didn't want to be too corny to post about my husband on Valentine's Day but I just couldn't help but think of all the ways I am so thankful I have him.

John and I go as far back as high school sweethearts.  I think back to those days and the feelings I felt and they just do not even compare to how I feel now or match the depth of my love after being married for 13 years and having 4 beautiful children together.  We have been through so many things that have deepened our understanding of each other, and have expanded our love and admiration.

When I was dating John I didn't think about him being a good provider or a good father to my kids.  I just loved that he loved me. He always made me feel beautiful, and special, and cherished.  He always made me feel important and listened when I shared things with him.  I never knew then just what an amazing Dad he would be with our kids.  He is very compassionate and purposeful with each of our kids.  Lately I have loved watching him read Dr. Jekel Mr. Hyde with Julia at night, and golf outside with the boys and teach them self defense moves, and I particularly love watching Amelia squeal, "Daddy!" when he comes home from work and run into his arms and she gives him the biggest hug.

John is a very hard worker.  This is one of the things I am most proud of when it comes to him.  He works a full time job in NYC and when he gets home he plays with the kids for an hour before brushing their teeth and putting everyone to bed and then for another 2-3 hours he writes his seminary papers, and he always ends the night doing the last bit of dinner/dessert dishes (bless his heart). 

 I appreciate all that John does and I constantly remind our kids that because of how hard daddy works I am able to stay at home and be completely present and available for them.  I tell them that when I grew up I went to before care, school, and daycare.  Both my parents worked very long hours and we never ate meals together.  They look at me in shock.  They can't imagine that.  Because I grew up like that and really didn't enjoy my childhood (I really missed my parents and always wished for more time with them), I am thankful that we could provide something different and be very intentional about quality time with family.

This post has been in the works for several months and is extremely over due.  It's just another post where I get to remind John how much I appreciate him, how thankful I am to have him, and to tell  him once again how much I love him.


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