03 October 2016

Could it be about me for 30 seconds?

Finding Time for YOU in a busy world of kids...

From the moment they are born, life as you know it was no longer the same and it definitely was no longer about you.  Every decision you made from that point on included all their needs, wants, etc.

Most days I feel like I am caught in a whirlwind of everybody else's needs...and I sometimes feel so drained and so empty and beyond overwhelmed.  And sometimes I ask...

Could it be about me for 30 seconds?

Whether it be having a phone conversation with a friend, or working out in the living room, or eating a snack, or, dare I say, reading a book...even finding quiet time to read the Bible and praying is challenging...because it isn't about me anymore, is it?

But...I need to still have friends, and work out, and eat!

What is a girl to do?

I have learned that creativity is the only way I survive as a mom.  I find it very difficult to work out at home anymore.  I have to leave the house and go to the YMCA or join a stroller group.

If I want to hang out with friends I have to really plan ahead or be creative with a sitter or play date so that the kids can play while the moms can talk.

And eating?  I have found that sometimes I have to eat before the kids do so that I can be available and present to help when they are eating.

I have plan outings, pack ahead of time, prep things by the door or in the car.  I constantly have to be 10 steps ahead to survive the busy world I am in.  I have to prep healthy snacks in advance, remember drinks, remember a stroller in the trunk, remember spare clothes for the little in case an accident happens, I have to remember Micah's favorite toy of the moment, Amelia's baby doll with accessories, because the moment you forget one thing it's the day that a huge meltdown ensues.  It's the one time all they needed was an extra snack, or a drink, or a toy.  It's the one time their legs got tired and I forgot the stroller.  Parents constantly have to think ahead.

The trickiest mornings are Sundays (always) the day of rest has become a day of preparation for church and then the school week.  It's all about what class we are teaching, or if we are cleaning, or did we pack the diaper bag with enough snacks.  Did we bring water bottles for us?  By the time we get home from church all I want to do is crash...

What I am learning about myself is that I like things to flow smoothly and effortlessly and with 4 kids that just ISNT going to happen.  So I have learned to let that dream die...for now! :)  I know one day it will get easier, nap times won't be necessary, packing snacks won't be necessary, things will get easier.  Right now I am in the thick of it...and that's ok.

But I do, we do as moms, need time for ourselves...how do we get that?  Whether it be an exercise class, walking around the neighborhood, running, food shopping alone, mom's night out with friends, we all need time to just be us, to unwind and be with our people.  I for one need time to think my own thoughts.  I sometimes just need absolute quiet.  At home I hear whining, whistling, crying, jumping, life stories, questions, bickering, running, and sometimes just sitting in a starbucks is relaxing for me.

Thank goodness I have a husband who gets this and allows me time to slip away occasionally.  And thank goodness for Bible studies and MOPs where my kids are cared for and I am with adults!  Nothing beats adult conversation!

Could it be about me for 30 seconds?

Oh, sweet mama, we all need time to ourselves.  It's so refreshing and so needed.  Even if it's only once a week.  Try to get an hour or two just to yourself so that you can recharge and be refreshed!


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