18 October 2016

I'm on the way home!

On the way...

Three words.  They are my three favorite words everyday.  They usually arrive right between 5:30 and 6:00 p.m. everyday.  A quick text lights up my phone and a huge smile comes across my face.  Those three words give me confidence that I can do this mommy-thing.

John leaves very early in the morning to get into NYC and at his desk by 8am.  We usually see him right around 7:30-7:45 every night.  Dinner is over.  Homework is done.  The dishes have been put away.  When John enters the house literally every little person gets up and screams and bolts for the door.  He is so loved.  And mommy is completely forgotten (and singing the hallelujah chorus).

Right around 3:00, when the big kids are getting home from school is when I am starting to lose my steam an feel the weight of tiredness of all that we accomplish during the day.  I pull up my big girl pants, make another cup of coffee (thank you Jesus for coffee) and plow through extra curricular activities, taxi driver, dinner maker, homework helper, bath provider and shower chauffeur (the struggle is real).  During dinner, I try to be clever and fun and ask about hopes and dreams but honestly I am so tired by then, I am done, the coffee has worn off and I've been with 4 kids since 6:30 am, and some times I am just really lonely.

But then, that text comes through.  And I know he's coming home.  And we clean up the dinner mess, we put on pajamas.  We straighten up the living room and we wait for the king's arrival.  And just like clockwork the keys are in the door and the kids are running and I feel this inward relief, this audible sigh escapes me, and I say, "Hi honey!" (And in my head I'm thinking Thank God he's home! Thank God, because I couldn't do one more second without him!)

He brings joy, laughter, and fun...just before bed time too! (hehehe) And the kids can't wait to play with him, jump on him, have him read to them, brush their teeth (they LOVE when John brushes their teeth...just kidding...Micah hates it).  And do you want to know what I do when Daddy gets home?!  I breathe! I put my feet up and breathe!

Hurry up Daddy!  We need you!


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