20 October 2009

Julia continues to amaze me...

Today was a fun day because we took the kids out for pizza and a walk around an outdoor mall. It was a perfect day for walking with the strollers.

I love walking side by side with John and getting some fresh air was so nice. Mark and Julia are almost over their little cold and I am as well so it was nice to get out. John took us to an Italian restaurant and Julia behaved so well, and Mark just sat like a prince in his car seat staring at his mommy! (Love him)

Julia has been saying two word sentences so much lately. Today I tried to keep track of all the word she puts together. I heard her say, "Runny nose?" (which means...mom please get a tissue for me LOL) She says "Juice Baba," or "Milk Baba," (she still signs for milk as she says it, so cute, same with please and thank you and more). She also says "Thank you," "More snack," "Help baby," (help baby means, can you help me put my baby in my stroller, or help me cover my baby).

At the restaurant Julia was looking out the window and kept saying "Outside!?" she loves being outdoors and playing, when we got home, I made sure she got some back yard time. She plays house with her kitchen set and her toy house.

Watching her today made me realize how fast she is growing up and how quickly she is learning new things each day. We practice our alphabet at least twice every day (There is a Barney Alphabet Soup book, so that was easy to get her to want to read it...its amazing how powerful Barney is to her.) She is like a sponge. When we got home and played a little outside we watched a reading video before nap time (Your Baby Can Read) and there was a picture of a yellow star, a green circle and a black circle and she walked over to the t.v. and pointed to the star and said "star" and pointed to the green circle and said "green"!!!!!!!!!! I was so amazed. Yes, we practice with her, but sometimes I guess I just don't always expect her to learn it so quickly.

Julia you are awesome honey! Mommy is so proud of you!

The absolute best part of my day...I was nursing Mark and sitting on the floor leaning against the couch...Julia climbed up on the couch and proceeded to kiss me on the top of my head two times and when I leaned my head back to peek at her and smile, she kissed my forehead. Julia Star you are my star!!!

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