08 October 2009

So proud of John

World's greatest husband! I mean basically everyone knows that I have THE best husband in the entire world. From the way he looks at me, and how he works so hard, how he seeks to be a man of God, how he treats his friends and people he meets, how intentional and careful he is with his words, thoughts, and actions. Words just can't express how blessed I feel to be married to him. I am so thankful to be his wife, the mother of his children, and just happy to be on his team. John and I are inseparable. We are like frik and frak. We genuinely enjoy each others company and I sincerely miss him when he is not home. My parents tease me all the time because I am always saying "I miss John." There are just not enough hours in the day for me to spend with him.

Anyway, this weekend he will be speaking alongside one of his apologetic idols (I know we aren't supposed to have idols, but you know what I mean, he really loves listening to Ravi and Stuart McCallister speak...I mean we've been to Oxford Univ. twice just to sit under these wise men in the faith speak all day)...I am so proud of him. He organized this entire conference for our church, he made the reservations, prepared a sermon for one of the days, and then proceeded to design a brochure for our congregation to give to friends and neighbors...then he went around to our entire neighborhood and delivered over 100 of the brochures on foot!!! I love this guy!

I feel so privileged to have seen how God has transformed John. He went from not knowing who he was and what his purpose was to totally surrendering his heart and life to the Lord. And John is not one of those people who claim to be a christian, go to church, but don't change at all, he changed completely. God has done a mighty work in him and I just can't explain how proud I am of him and all he does for the Lord. He has such a great heart, and that is only from God. Noone can do this in their own strength. It is a total God thing.

It's amazing to me how when you really seek the Lord, submit to His will, and bend your knees before Him, how God can dramatically change and use you for His glory. John's faithfulness has blessed us as a family. I'm so lucky to have such a strong leader in our home. That was my main prayer for John, that he would not only get saved and know Jesus as His Savior, but that if we were to ever get married that he would be a strong leader. My mentor and I prayed that prayer a year before John got saved. We met every week at a Barnes and Noble and studied God's Word and prayed for John. Well, it definitely looks like those prayers were answered!!!

Good luck this weekend honey! God bless you as you speak from your heart what God has led you to say. I am so proud of you...keep loving Jesus and serving Him!

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  1. What an honor! I am so happy for you and John.


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