27 October 2009

My Little Boy

Mark you are awesome! 5 Months old and so smart. You have such laser like focus on whatever you do. What I am really excited about is that I can tell you are going to have a tender heart. I love the way you stare at me when I am holding you and you look deeply into my eyes with such love and you don't get distracted - you are just focused on all of me and your eye's say, "I just want to know you," as you gaze and giggle. I love that! I see you do that to your Mom too and already you are teaching me so much. Telling me not to get too busy with life as to forget to do the same thing that you do to the most precious woman in our lives. To study her and know her. You are amazing my son. Happy 5th month! ;-)


Let your fountain be blessed, And rejoice in the wife of your youth.
(Pro 5:18)

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