03 November 2009

"Projects"...inspired by a dear friend

My friend Suzette posted a really great idea back in July, and I just had the privilege of reading it and trying it out for size. She writes a list of things she wants to accomplish by the year end and then scratches them off after she completes them...now for you readers out there who love lists the way I do, you know how thrilling it can be to be able to cross something accomplished off your list. I don't know if it is a mom thing (I used to always see my mentor Christy do this in her home...she had yellow post it notes on her counter tops and refrigerator) or a teacher thing, or just an organized person thing, but John and I LOVE making lists and following through with them.

There are so many things I need to get done, and it has been rather frustrating for me lately because having the opportunity to have two free hands is a luxury with two children under two! The only time I am able to do my devotions or write or read is when both are sleeping. I am trying desperately to get them on the same nap/bedtime schedule. Thank goodness John is home in the morning so that I am able to write and do my devotions. I blog at night after both are tucked in.

My devotional has led me to really think about finding my purpose through prayer, and God has given me some great ideas to get excited about and look forward to. Ok, here I go...I am going to try to post pics when I complete a goal, as Suzette suggested, but I'm not that handy with technical things, so John will have to help me. I'm going to order my list from most important to "it can wait."

1. Organize my scrapbook room.
2. Organize my 2 book shelves in John's office (overflowing with teacher supplies, and CDs, and tapes, it depresses me even now as I look at it...John's shelves are beautiful on the other side!)
3. Plan a Scrapbook event at church with Sue and Maria and invite my mom friends from MOPS for Jan or Feb.
4. Plan a fund raising yard sale to benefit Solutions Pregnancy Center (I'm thinking I'd like to do this late spring or early summer...I've already talked to my friend Lisa to help me)
5. Finish Mark's Baby Book
6. Frame photos of Mark and hang them
7. Shop online for Julia's party favors (her party is Jan. 2nd)

Looking over the list there are some things I think are slightly out of order, but we shall see what gets done!


  1. I can't wait to see what you "scratch off" your list! Make sure you post some pics!

  2. okay...I think it may be fun to do before and after shots :)


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