27 November 2009

Mark at 6 months Old

Mighty Warrior

We are praying that our Mark will be a mighty warrior for Jesus! Here are some fun things that Mark does right now:

1. Mark allows everyone to hold him for awhile. This has taken a long time, but finally Mark is comfortable in Daddy's arms, auntie's arms, Grandparents, even in nursery on Sunday he was okay the entire 40 minutes I left him and was actually happy and "talking" up a storm.

2. Mark is incredibly ticklish! I never remember Julia laughing this much at this age. Mark's laugh is so contagious. He loves to be tickled on the belly, thighs, neck...and his back! It is so cute to see him wiggle and squirm and giggle.

3. He loves to be on his belly so he can push up and look up and over his crib. Mark has been so great in the mornings. He wakes up and rolls over onto his back and plays with his blanket or he pushes up off his belly and looks around. He likes to entertain himself and doesn't cry right away to be picked up...he is really interested in figuring out his surroundings.

4. Mark's favorite toy is his exersaucer. He could sit in this thing for an hour if I let him. He loves all the little gadgets and noises they make. He pull on the high ones and knaws on the teething toys. He talks and talks, and loves to be standing because then he feels like he can compete with his big sister who walks by him and talks to him and says, "Silly boy!" or "Mark-y!!" He is so blessed to have a sister that absolutely adores him!

5. Mark doesn't spit up much anymore. This is a random fact, but actually I really just noticed that in the last few days I haven't needed a burp cloth! How fun is that!

6. Mark eats two meals a day now. He has a morning meal of fruit and an evening meal of cereal and fruit or cereal and a vegetable. He likes everything he has tried so far, prunes, apples, bananas, pears, sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, but he does not like peas! LOL ...yet! we will keep trying.

7. Mark loves to talk. He just yells out and squeals and yelps and coos, I love it. He usually does it when he is starting to get hungry or is super satisfied and wants to play. Julia thinks it is so funny!

Mark you are growing so well! We are blessed to have you, son. We love you so much bubbs!!

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  1. He is a beautiful boy! He resembles Julia alot! Mark, you are growing up so quickly.


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