17 November 2009


Ecclesiastes 3:4 ...A time to laugh...

At breakfast today, Julia sat in her highchair with a mini bowl of oatmeal and raisins. She began using her spoon and feeding herself very carefully and neatly. I was so impressed and so was John.

John says, "Wonderful job Julia." And Julia, without even looking up, and with some food in her mouth I might add, says, "Won-der-ful..." It was the funniest moment. John and I could not stop laughing. She said it so seriously and we couldn't believe she even said the word, let alone so clearly and perfectly.

She is growing up so fast these days and mimics every single word and words we say. I am always saying to Mark, "You silly boy," and now whenever Julia sees Mark laugh she looks at me and laughs and says, "Sill-ly Boy!" (it's cuter when she says it though because she adds extra l's).

Thank you JuJu for always making us laugh! You are the star in our life...you light up our day! We love you.

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