18 November 2009

Thanksgiving Prep Time

This is a photo from our first home in Old Bridge, and our very first Turkey Meal. We were so proud!

Now, we have a new home, 2 children, a puppy, and a very full schedule, but we are hosting Thanksgiving at our home again. Once you've made the Thanksgiving meal once, you really don't want to give it up. It is such an honor and a hostess' dream!

Each year we take turns with which family comes to us, the past two years we have had the McInerney's over so this year it is my family's turn and I'm really excited to show them what I can do in the kitchen...(even though all the recipes are from mom and dad!...except my apple pie)

John and I already emailed out our menu and tomorrow we are going food shopping for the big day! I'm so excited!!! I have lots of coupons and high hopes to find just the right turkey for our home! Last year was Julia's first Thanksgiving and this year it is Mark's...too bad he won't get to taste any of it...Julia got to sample it all last year since she was almost 1 and had lots of teeth!

Thank you Lord for allowing us to host Thanksgiving in our home again this year! Thank you for allowing us to be able to buy this big meal and not have to think about cost. Help us to be good hosts and I pray the kids are well-behaved.


  1. i love hosting thanksgiving too! i love the smell of cooking a turkey.

  2. I agree Rayna...and the ham! We always bake a ham and turkey!!! The leftovers are AMAZING!!!

  3. My first year married, Mom was gracious enough to let me host Christmas Eve at our home (her traditional meal). And you're right, there is nothing like being a hostess. And I'm sure you're an excellent hostess!


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