16 November 2009

Team Mac Sunday Morning Checklist

Now that we have two wonderful children, getting out of the house timely has become a new challenge, especially since we both need to be dressed and ready to go as well. I was starting to feel very overwhelmed Sunday mornings and sometimes downright stressed. Looking our best, eating a well balanced breakfast, preparing our hearts, and getting to church early if not on time is very important to me. I also teach 2 or 3 times a month in Sunday School and so I also have an additional responsibility.

Just like a good teammate John saw my Sunday frustration and one morning he wrote down everything we did since it was a successful morning and this list has become our Sunday checklist. We are both very organized and list driven people, so this idea was perfect!

Now I don't feel as stressed because I know I am not doing everything. We both know what we need to accomplish and so we don't waste time asking questions or re-doing tasks. I also know now that John feels confident because he knows what I need and he feels successful because he knows how and when to do it. It is a huge relief to me and now I can enjoy the ride to church and not feel like we forgot to do something or feel rushed because we are running late. The last 5 weeks have been so much better! Even the kids are cooperative, believe it or not.

Here is our list:

Change Julia
Take out Paris (our puppy)

Feed Mark

Simple Breakfast (Key word: simple, before John was making a huge breakfast that took forever because he loves to spoil us and cook, but we decided simple is best when trying to get there on time)
Feed Julia
Feed Paris

Dress Julia
Brush Julia's teeth
Brush Julia's hair
Take my shower

Dress Mark
Prep bottles
Prep snacks
Clean kitchen
Take shower

Pack car

Final departure:
Put Mark in car

Let out Paris
Check house windows
Put Julia in car
Set house alarm

Thank you Lord for helping us be successful when going to your house to worship and honor you. We are so happy that now we can all get there on time and have good attitudes while there. Thank you for John for being so sensitive to my needs and desires and understanding the importance of timeliness. We are blessed to be a family of four. We love you.


  1. What a great idea! I think I'm going to try that with Brian. Starting with one will get us into a routine when we decide it is time for #2 to come along :)

  2. What a smart way to tackle the stressers Kristi! You and John are excellent teammates. My boss/friend Terry and I are getting caught up on your latest blog postings today and she's really enjoying the pictures. She said,"they are really cute!" and she's in love with Julia's hair - she has her mother's beautiful locks!


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