30 November 2009

Weaver Thanksgiving

Psalms 118: 1 Oh, thank the Lord, for he's so good! His lovingkindness is forever.

Thanksgiving Part 2 at the Weaver house was wonderful. It took us about an hour and a half to get there, and Mark was so good, he slept the entire time. Julia was very chatty and interested in the drive. A couple times we had to tell her to keep it down because her brother was sleeping. She would look over and say, "Mark-y! Sleep...shhhh!"

We arrived close to 12:45 and Christy had us eating an early lunch/dinner at 2:30. There was turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, stuffing with craisins, peas/carrots, whole wheat rolls and cranberry sauce. Delicious!!!

I was so proud of Luke and Bill they really helped Christy a lot, Luke carved the turkey!

John taught Ben the McInerney Man tradition of making a Turkey Sandwich on a roll with turkey, mashed potatoe, stuffing and cranberry sauce! Ben was so excited that he had to try it!

After we relaxed and talked at the table clean up began...After clean up Bill and John and the kids settled down to watch Elf while they digested. Christy, Julia, and I took Piper (their dog) for a walk to burn off some calories. Julia was such a good girl. It was very cold!!! Poor Julia and I didn't have gloves and our hands were very red...but Julia loved being with the "big girls" and smiled the whole time!

Mark was such a good boy, he let everyone hold him, he laughed and played, he ate his butternut squash and cereal with water, since somehow I forgot to pack formula, I don't know how that happened! I'm human...it didn't make a bit of difference he gobbled up his food.

Bridget was a gem...she occupied Julia and played with her a lot. They sang songs (itsy bitsy spider), they played ball, Ben shared his toys, Ben even gave Julia one of his books to read at her nap time, (Clifford the Red Dog).

Dessert was delicious! Pie, ice cream, cookies and coffee. The best part was the fellowship! I am so thankful for such godly friends. We always leave happy and on the drive back we always say it makes us want to be a better family.

Thank you Lord for godly friends who make us feel special and make us strive to be better at serving you and serving one another!

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