15 November 2009

Not peas!!!

We have found out that Mark loves prunes, bananas, apples, sweet potato, carrots, but not peas! We just introduced a second feeding each day for breakfast. I give him oatmeal or rice cereal and then a fruit at breakfast and a veggie at night. Last night he let me know for sure that peas are not to his liking.

I know you are not supposed to compare siblings because each child is so different, but Julia really loved every fruit and vegetable we gave her, except for green beans.

At church today, my friend Debbie, who has three beautiful children in grades 4, 1st, and a 4 year old, asked me, "Kristi, how is it that you've had two calm, happy, babies?" And all I could reply was, "You are right Debbie, I've just been really blessed I guess." Although Mark did have some rough days as a newborn, now he is so mellow and low maintenance. It is wonderful!

Today was the first day I left him in the nursery (my mom was in there so I felt super comfortable) and they said he did great. I'm hoping that soon when I go to Mops (Mothers of Preschoolers) that I will be able to leave him in the nursery as well. Right now I just keep him with me because he fusses to much with the workers.

Well, that is my Mark update! Eating well, with some opinions already, and happy as a clam!

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  1. Good boy, Mark. You are growing into such a handsome young man. May God keep His hand of favor upon you always.


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