05 November 2009

Hay Day October 31st

Hi Everyone,

Mom and Dad took me to Hay Day on Saturday! It was really fun! First we drove to church. Then we had to check in at Ms. Patty's table. I was able to carry around my own small brown paper bag to carry any goodies mom would let me collect. (Somehow I never really collected any goodies, but I did get some popcorn!)

Then since Mom dressed me up in this really pretty red and white polka dotted dress I got to get my face painted as if I were a MOUSE! Isn't my mom silly? I sat so still and Ms. Alice painted my nose and whiskers...I thought maybe I could lick the stuff off, but it really didn't taste that great!

Afterwards, I saw this big, colorful trampoline encased in a house and I wanted to go in it really badly. I've been in one lots of times at the Party Gym and it is sooooooooooooooooo fun! My friend Cayla went with me and we were allowed to go in all by ourselves with Emma Coyle. Emma's a big girl! She's in Kindergarten...so everything she did, I copied! Daddy thought me jumping around was great so he kept taking pictures, I guess he really thinks I'm cute or something!?

Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to stay in the Bounce Bounce forever, and I got really sad. Mom distracted me though with some milk and apples she brought. Isn't she so smart? (heehee)

Then Aunt Sara came and it was so fun to see her! She gave me a big hug and kiss. She really loves me! (I think Mom knows she's my favorite, but shhhh don't tell anyone.)

We only stayed for an hour, and then we had to head home because we had dinner guests coming at 5pm! Uncle Tio and Aunt DebaDeb!

Thanks mom and dad for taking me to Hay Day!

Julia Star

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