13 October 2009

Who is your Hero? Are they faithful? And bold?

Today I read Daniel 6:1-28 and the verses that gripped my heart were found in 3-6 where the men who were trying to find fault with Daniel and were seeking to destroy him could find "no charge or error or fault found in him," in fact they knew the only way they would find "something wrong" with him way if they find "it against him concerning the law of his God." That is how closely Daniel walked and talked with God. Prayer was super important to Daniel and no decree was going to stop him from praying to God. He was bold! He was faithful!

Whoa...talk about faithful...you mean to tell me he didn't watch too much t.v., or spend too much time on the computer (facebook, my space, etc.), he didn't backbite or gossip, or have an attitude problem? He wasn't ever cranky, or grumpy or rude? His only "problem" was that his priority was God first, everything else second? Wish I could have met Daniel, in fact, I can't wait til I do!

Verse 3 says that the governors and satraps saw "an excellent spirit was in him," so much so that the king gave him huge responsibilities. That excellent spirit was definitely given by God!!!

In my devotion we had to think about people in our life who are our heroes, who we can find no fault or error, who we look up to, who is faithful, and bold for Christ?...and the first two people that jumped to my mind were Bill and Christy.

Bill and Christy are fellow believers, and dear friends, they were in our wedding party and now Julia's godparents (aka prayer parents). Christy came into my life when I was a young girl seeking to honor God and we were put together to memorize scripture at church. It was so fun being her partner and practicing our bible verses in person or over the phone. Christy was my youth group leader and eventually when she began her family I was their babysitter. Well, you can imagine how much I adored them. I wanted to be just like them because I saw they had an excellent spirit in them and it was lovely and attractive and contagious! Bill and Christy are not only the kindest people I know but when I think of someone godly a picture of them always comes to mind.

Christy and I have always been close and when John began seeking after the Lord the first person I thought of to help him along the way was Bill. They became fast friends and are wonderful accountability partners. I thank my Lord every time I think of them because they have been such good role models to us.

I can remember thinking as a teen that when I grew up I wanted to be just like Christy and marry someone as kind and loving as Bill, now Luke and Bridget (their teenagers) tease us all the time because they say they see a lot of similarities between me and Christy and Bill and John. I guess its true that you do become like the people you look up to. I am thankful I have them as mentors.

Daniel is a hero too. He was faithful to God even unto the thought of death in the lions den. He was bold to go home and pray with windows open even though he knew the decree said they were not supposed to pray to any other god but the King. God brought about a miracle too, to show us and those governors and satraps that he is the one true God and that God is faithful to care for His people.

Lord, thank you for our heroes. I pray that we can be someone's hero or godly example. Thank you for Bill and Christy leading me to a bold christian faith. I pray that Julia and Mark will have people in their life that bring them closer to you. I pray they surround themselves with people who push them to do what is right no matter what the cost. Keep them in your word. Keep me in your word. Help me to be receptive to those you put in my life to challenge me and guide me to walk closer to you.

Hebrews 4:14 Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has gone through the heavens , Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess.

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