12 October 2009

Craziness of life - joys of the Lord

What a whirlwind of a month. Trying to spend time with my family was a great difficulty. Running the Taekwondo School, starting up Artisan Images (www.artisanimagesonline.com), planning the St. Jude event, planning and prepping for the Apologetic’s seminar, planning and prepping for Old Bridge day, refinancing the house, and taking Hebrew, my plate was full and too heavy to bear. I have learned quite a bit though. After the Apostles had done much teaching and great works, in the Gospel Mark, Jesus said,

"Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while." – I need to do exactly this.

In Luke 11 Mary is so consumed with her preparations, she misses the words of Jesus and gets angry that her sister Martha has stop doing what Mary thinks she needs to do, and is just listening to Jesus. Jesus tells Mary, Martha is doing what is most important. I need to stop doing so much and just sit and listen to the Lord more, and focus on His words and blessings (Kristi and the Kids.) – Thanks Lord for teaching me this lesson – to lean more on you.

This was such a wonderful weekend with Stuart McAllister. What a great honor it was to spend such great times talking to this great warrior for Christ. Kristi and I will be hardcore praying for him and his family as they sacrifice so much for God’s work, traveling all over the world to encourage and build the faith of other’s in our Lord.

Most fun part was walking through Princeton University with him – we got to chatting about how the architecture was similar to Scotland’s, and how it is amazing how far the college has gone Theologically as you see the people like Peter Singer who work there and yet they have a stone monument of John Wesley.

We got to sit and drink espresso and chat, and then spent almost an hour in an awesome book store which was largely philosophy books. Stuart bought about 10 books, he’ll probably read them all on the plane back to Atlanta.

I was expecting Stuart to want to spend Saturday night at the hotel and rest but he unexpectedly asked to hand out with Kristi and I for a late dinner after the kids went to bed. We grabbed some Thai, man, he likes it hot!

I must say though, Kristi asked me the best part of my weekend, and I told her it was just sitting at the dinner table watching her talk to Stuart and make him feel at home. He travels all over and Kristi was such a great hostess. She makes everyone feel so comfortable, welcome and loved in our home. She is the greatest gift the Lord has given me. I do not deserve such a woman.

Proverbs 12:4 – “An excellent wife is the crown of her husband.”


  1. John you made my day! I love you...I'm glad you are writing on our Team Mac Blog!!! Love, me

  2. John, it was great to hear from the other half of Team Mac! May God bless you and your family.


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