08 August 2011

80 Million Reasons--But 16 for now

You are such a good man.  I love you for so many reasons.

1. You make me smile...and laugh out loud.

2. You put God first, then me and our family in your life and everyone who knows you knows this is true...just after talking with you for a few minutes your priorities ring true.

3. I love you for proposing to me on bended knee in front of our church family with tears running down your face.  And the most beautiful diamond ring in your hand that I've ever seen.

4.  I love you for making your job such a priority and the people you work for.  You have wonderful work ethics and I know you work so hard to provide for us.

5,  I love you when you are sick and you walk with an exaggerated limp, ring your bell for assistance and wear your ugly blue robe...its mildly annoying but really cute and very funny.

6. I love that when you leave each morning you give me a kiss whether I am awake or not and it always gets me through the day.

7. I love that when you kiss us all goodbye we can still smell your cologne on our clothes.

8. I love that you text me throughout the day that you miss me, you miss the kids, you wonder how our day is going, and you can't wait to come home.

9. I love that you are always the best part of our day...coming home and gathering us all in your arms and covering us with hugs and kisses.

10. I love that you like lists as much as I do...especially the crossing off part and the joy that comes in a job well done and completely finished.

11. I love that you are the cheapest man on earth--not really--and that your frugality has taught me so much about money, and saving, and the importance of making wise spending decisions.

12. I love that although you are frugal when it is time to spend or spoil you do so in overabundance like on vacations and traveling...thank you my love for showing me the world.

13. I love that there is no place like home and that home is where you are, no matter how big or small a place we live in, all that matters is you by my side.

14. I love that you love Jesus in a real and passionate way...and I love watching you preach God's word from the pulpit...I can see the joy of the Lord in your eyes, the passion in your voice and feel how much you love Him.

15. I love that you can do a side kick over a very long table.  Watching you perform taekwondo has always been a joy of mine to see you in your element and to see you in your excellence.  God has given you such an athletic gift.

16. I love you because no matter where you are, or where you go, I will never doubt your love for me...I may miss you, I may complain, I may cry, but deep down I know you miss me 20 times more than I miss you.  You are such a good man.  I love you John Michael McInerney.  Happy 8 years...I have 80 million reasons I love you...

I love that we are forever.


  1. Beautiful words for a beautiful love. Happy Anniversary to a couple of soul mates; may God continue to bless your marriage abundantly! xoxoxo C

  2. I just remembered that we have the same anniversary as you, Happy Anniversary! =) We just celebrated 2 years.


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