27 August 2011

Hurricane Prep

As many of you know the east coast is being hit by a massive hurricane.  There is much to prepare for the worst of the storm which will start this evening around 9pm (it's already raining pretty hard now at 7:45) til noon tomorrow with heavy rains and strong winds.

These are some things we have done for our home and our family over the past 2 days:

1. Filled up our SUV gas tank.
2. Bought canned foods (tuna, peanut butter and jelly) and water bottles for 3 days
3. Taped all our glass windows on the inside to prevent glass shattering
4. Cleared our garage to house John's car.
5. Put all deck chairs and toys and flower pots in the shed.
6. Filled up the tub with water to be able to flush the toilets if the water stops working.
7. Bought batteries for our flashlights
8. Candles are out and ready to go
9. Set up the basement to sleep with the kids since the heaviest part of the storm will be during bedtime
10. Laid the basketball hoop on its side so it doesn't fall over
11. strapped the BBQ with bungee cords to the deck
12. Bought cookies, crackers, bread, chips, and fruit (all things I don't have to cook)
13. Bathed the kids just in case we can't use water for the next few days!

Just thought I'd post our list in case anyone else is wondering what to do or how to prepare.  Feel free to post any other things we should do that we might have forgotten!

Above all, God is in control, He is our help, I'm happy to be snuggled up close to those I love, and I'm praying no trees fall on our house or damage our property.

Oh, and stay off the roads!


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  1. Very helpful, as usual, dear one. xoxoxo C


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