24 August 2011


Aaaah, Harmony...what a great word.

This is a word John and I made up together, I mean obviously it's a word already, but it's a word that has a spouse meaning.

You and your spouse or friends probably have words or terms that only you fully understand that have meaning beyond the words.  There's a whole story behind the word.

Well in our world "harmony" was always my parent's home.  My mom and dad are the epitimy of harmony.  They speak quietly.  They listen to soft, jazzy, music that creates such an enjoyable atmosphere to sit and talk in.  And they are always brewing coffee or boiling tea.

The opposite of harmony in our eyes (and we mean this in a totally funny way--and we tease my in laws all the time!) was always my in laws house.  We love them to pieces but they are always loud, always yelling, and there is always some sort of drama going on!  We would call it the circus!  And yes, we had a tune we would sing for them about it.

So, we were always seekers of "harmony" and you all know what harmony is, it may be different things for you, but right now for me, here are the things that "harmony" is...

Harmony is drinking my first cup of coffee in utter silence.  And drinking slow sips.

Harmony is taking a hot shower and not worrying if the kids are okay.

Harmony is hearing Chris Botti or Norah Jones on the radio.

Harmony is listening to the waves on the beach and nothing else, but maybe a seagull.

Harmony is sleeping in, and waking up to nothing in particular, no deadlines.

Harmony is hearing yourself think.

Harmony is looking at an empty laundry basket and realizing all the chores are done.

Harmony is hearing John play the guitar as I blog.

Harmony is having all your emails answered and an empty inbox.

Harmony is strolling in the bookstore with a Tall Caffe Latte in one hand and John's in the other.

Harmony is holding both my kids hands at the same time and walking into the library quietly because the library is "sleeping."

Harmony is walking into a room, any room, and everything is in it's place.

Harmony is a vase full of roses or sunflowers on the table.

Harmony is the smell of Downy fresh laundry and warm air from the dryer hitting your face.

Harmony is Paris spending a few days with my in laws. (that's our 4 year old boxer)

Harmony is walking slowly and not having to rush.

Harmony is going to church early and sitting in the chair and praising and thanking God for all He has given me.

Harmony is a cool Fall morning.

Harmony is a family reunion at the beach and lots of hugs and laughter and catch up stories.

Harmony is praying with a friend in the pool, around the block, or over the phone.

Harmony is meeting a friend's baby for the first time, and seeing your friend in their little face.

Harmony is holding a sleeping newborn and feeling their fingers wrap around yours.

Harmony is kissing your kids good night and hearing them say, "I love you."

Harmony is not being able to imagine your life any other way because you know that what God has given you is absolutely enough and absolutely the best.

Harmony is being able to tell a friend "I love you" on a text.

Harmony is that moment when you look up at the sky and can't imagine how big God is or just how much He loves you.

Harmony is hearing your husband preach, and seeing a man of God do a mighty work with God's help right before your very eyes.

Harmony is finding all the right words to say at just the right moment.

Harmony is...

What is harmony for you?


  1. Harmony is a long, quiet walk by myself listening to the sounds of nature.

    Harmony is when my children give me a big hug our of no where and tell me that they love me.

    Harmony is putting my hand on my child's chest while they are sleeping and feeling their breathe move up and down peacefully.

    Harmony is going on a long drive with my husband and holding his hand while the kids are in the back seat fast asleep.

    Ok, that's what I could think of right now, but I'm sure I could go on forever.

    Great post!! Thanks for making me reflect on my life.

  2. Beautiful post Kristi. I feel more relaxed and peaceful after just reading it :-)

  3. I love this. We seek after that harmony too! I love having a cup of tea with my hubby when he gets home from work and just chatting about the day. It's so relaxing! We actually haven't done that in a while, I think we will have to do that today!

  4. this post is amazing!! so uplifting. so energizing. thank you for sharing. your family is BEAUTIFUL. so happy to have found you through the hop.
    this post has me wanting to drink more coffee and learn to RELAX more.
    wishing you a blessed Thursday <3

  5. I love this post! Harmony is such a beautiful thing! And I love each and every description of harmony that you gave :)


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