05 August 2011

You...and Me...8 years

Babe, the first four years of our marriage were all about our careers, traveling, serving in church and on missions trips and being together on the weekends.

Do you remember our trips to Oxford University?  Studying amongst the English?  Learning from Ravi Zacharias, John Lennox and Michael Ramsden?

Do you remember our tea time in London and eating desserts in the Orangery...and visiting Kensington Palace?

Babe do you remember all our trips to Europe?  Italy, France, Spain?  Remember the day we surprised my parents with a trip to Rome together?  Remember the joy on their faces, and the shock, how could they say no?

Remember when I fainted in the Sistina Chapel because I didn't eat enough breakfast or drink enough water?

I loved all the food we've sampled at great restaurants in Cape May for our anniversary!

My favorite trip has been our trip to Paris.  The surprise you gave me that Christmas morning that we were leaving for Paris that day instead of for Washington D.C., I will NEVER forget the excitement I felt!

Walking through the Louvre...seeing the Eiffel tower, eating French cuisine...oooh la la, it was magnifique!  I finally got to show off my French skills!

Remember how I spoke to the waiters and the train attendant?  It was so neat for me!

I loved Mexico too...the sun, the pool, the beaches...our spa hotel...awesome!

Then we found out in April of 2007 that we were expecting...

That year in Cape May was so exciting because I had our baby bump (4 months) to prove that life was going to become really special for us!

It was so neat to talk to moms that summer and plan how our lives would change and unfold....

The last 4 years have been all about two very special littles...baby Julia and baby Mark

Julia Star born on December 31...our first daughter...our first baby...our first real look at who we were as people...she has taught us so much about life, about God, about each other...

How do babies do that?  How are little babies able to show you just how helpless you are before such a Big God who created this perfect little person that looks just like you!  (in miniature form of course)

Then 17 months later our Mark Ciro, our water baby (water birth) was born on May 27th...our first son...our second baby...

Now life really got interesting, and hectic, and busy!  Learning how to juggle our marriage, our responsibilities, our parenting of two babies began...

Babe, how did we do it?  How did we survive those days on such little sleep, on so much to do, and yet with so much laughter?

8 years....

Wow...we survived!  8 years of awesomeness...

What else does God have in store for You...for Me...for Julia...for Mark...

And I did forget someone...

Our puppy Paris!  She's almost 4!  How could I forget the puppy that licks everyone, always wants to play, and can't wait to see the grandparents?

Here's to us!


  1. Such a sweet post for such a sweet couple (and family)! Crying happy tears and very loud cheers as I read this post! Love you guys! xoxo C

  2. What a beautiful post, Kristi! I hope your special weekend is full of fun, adventure, laughter, and joys! Love you, and Happy Anniversary!

  3. Cheers to ya'll, Kristi! You've had one heck of a life together already...and so much more to look forward to! :o) Happy anniversary!!


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