20 August 2011

Saturday Chores

Something I will always remember from my childhood is Saturday chores.  Not too fondly, I must say, but I remember it nonetheless.  It was a part of our routine, and my job was always to clean the bathrooms (yay...not!) and wash the kitchen floor.

Now that I have my own home I can see why having everyone participate in the cleaning is not only a help, "Many hands make light work," but also it connects everyone to the home and gives everyone a responsibility and a purpose.

Getting a bulk of the cleaning on Saturday, allows for Sundays to be such a treat, such a relaxing day when you know laundry, sheets, floors, bathrooms have been cleaned and are completely done.  Then on Sunday one can just focus on the business of going to church and making the meals!  I think a new tradition I might add on Sunday is making it a day for baking a special treat...tomorrow we are making...Peach Cobbler again...this time with blueberries added in!

Here is a list of my Saturday chores today and in parantheses you will see the name of the child that will/can help me with that job.  Even though Julia is 3 1/2 and Mark 2 yrs. and 3 months they are both VERY good helpers and they NEVER give me a hard time, in fact usually there are tears when we have to stop cleaning, especially from Mark!  The bulk of the work will be done by me, but I like it that way.  John has a sermon to prepare for and I don't want to disturb him, besides, he loves playing with the kids while I'm working, and that my friends is a BIG help!

Saturday Family Chores:

1. Change bed linens (Julia and Me)
2. Laundry in Washer (Mark and Me) 2 loads
3. Wash Kitchen Floor (during nap time)
4. Empty all trash cans in one bag (Julia)
5. Clean all bathroom toilets
6. Wash windows in kitchen and living room
7. vacuum/sweep school room (mark)
8. Clean and Set Dining Room table
9. Clean Microwave
10. Organize Pantry
11. Clean Fridge Drawers
12. Bleach Kid's Tub

Happy Cleaning!


  1. Growing up I hated dusting. My mom was a stickler and made me damp dust everything,down to the leaves on the plants. Now that I have 4 children, chore day still can be hectic because they invariably have to much clutter in their rooms. We declutter every season but somehow things just seem to grow.But today was a good day, there is a carnival this afternoon that I held over their heads and before you know it,the bathrooms are scrubbed, the floors mopped, carpets vacuumed and kitchen is clean by 10am.3 loads of laundry today, too.
    Kristi, you are a great inspiration!
    Love, Michelle

  2. Michelle thank you for your sweet words! You are my hero! How mom's do it with more than two kids is beyond me! You are awesome! Hope the carnival was fun!

  3. Love this post! Grew up with Saturday chores and still stick to that routine. There's everyday cleaning and keep-up and then there's the "real" cleaning that gets accomplished on Saturdays. Anytime it gets skipped, I get way behind. I always love seeing your organized lists - you are a constant source of great ideas! I will now be adding bleaching kid tub to my Sat. list instead of tackling it whenever it gets dirty. xoxo C


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