14 October 2011


We are loving the Awana program at our church.  Julia is a Cubbie this year, which is the 3-4 year old class.  Each week she has homework, new verses to memorize and class time with Ms. Kathy.

It has really enhanced our Bible time at home and helped us to talk even more about God and how He wants to be Lord of our life.

Whenever we talk about Awana or our verses Julia brings up the fact that Jesus wants to live in our hearts.  She's heard this since she was itty bitty, but lately the questions have been flowing: Where does God live?  Where is heaven?  Can I see God?  Is Jesus in my heart?

Last night on the way to Awana Julia told me that Jesus lives in her heart...and I wanted to sort of "test" her understanding so I told her that Jesus can only live in our hearts if our hearts are clean, he can't live in our hearts if they are dirty...serious talk for a car ride, but totally brought up by Julia.

So then we talked about how when we disobey Mommy and Daddy, when we hurt Mark's feelings, when we do naughty things, those are the types of things that make our heart dirty and only Jesus can clean our hearts (I touched on the word sin, but basically kept saying "bad things or naughty things" so it would be clearer for her to understand).

Well, within a matter of seconds she said, "I want a CLEAN heart!"  And she's never brought this up or applied it to herself, this was the first time (something I have not wanted to push at all, I wanted this moment to be all about Julia and not about mommy's desire to see her come to Jesus, but I have been praying about it!)

With choked up words and tears in my eyes I said, "Julia if you want a clean heart you just have to ask Jesus to clean your heart and come live inside, He wants to be your best friend!  Just pray to Him honey."  She immediately came up with her own personal words asking for a clean heart and for Jesus to live inside.  And afterwards we cheered, (I was parked in the church parking lot by this time) high fived and guess who else wanted to pray (but we will be working a lot more with Mark of course, I think he was caught up in the moment with celebrating for Julia) Mark prayed his own prayer (Mommy could not understand all his words because they were so quiet but he was being very serious).

And I'll tell you what, Julia just smiled more in that car!  I mean she always smiles but she just looked different.  

I told Miss Kathy just in case Julia brought up anything in class, and Julia and I talked and prayed again during Girl Time after getting home from church.

It was such a special night.  Thank you Lord, for child like faith!  Children are so willing to just cling to the truths of the Lord and it is so precious to see!



  1. It's a blessed moment when a mother can lead her child to salvation in Jesus Christ. I am so happy for you, along with the angels in heaven rejoicing over your daughter.

    I'm your newest follower from the Happy Go Lucky blog hop and would love a follow back.

    Mary @ Redo 101

  2. AWESOME!!! Too choked up for words, but REJOICING with you dear one! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! xoxo C


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