31 October 2011

Thankful Chapel

One thing I absolutely love doing is visiting the school I used to teach at with my kids.  Last week we visited on Wednesday (to prep for my chapel this week) and got to see lots of teachers I taught with and some students.

It's so nice going back and still feeling like it's home...

And now walking with Julia and seeing her run all over campus makes me realize how fast time is going...she looks like she could be one of the Kindergartners there!  She got lots of hugs from Miss Ramunda, Miss Hopper, and Mrs. Sciacca, and the kids even sat with Mrs. Sibilla as I photo copied and cut out leaves for my chapel this week.

I'm excited to be able to speak to all of Elementary this week and share with them all about being thankful for what God has given us and what Thanks-Giving is all about!  I will also be sharing about my family's Thankful Tree at home and our Operation Christmas Child ministry for Christmas.

It's going to be another busy week, but the Lord gives me strength for each and every day!  My prayer is that we can be a blessing to the kids and staff on Wednesday!


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