11 October 2011

John's Surprise

My husband has a way of making everyday special...he is very romantic, texting me throughout the day at work, or facebooking me.  He always is checking in to make sure we are ok at home.

Since I went away this weekend John decided this would be the perfect time to re do our basement (with the help of some friends and family) so that when I got home on Sunday from my women's retreat I could be super surprised.

As you might have known if you've been to my home, or read my blogs for awhile we've had the same television (there's only one in the home) since we were married.  It was a gift from my church (the choir was so good to us! thank you Doug and Peggie) and it was wonderful!

Lately the color has been acting funny and since we rarely watch TV, but rather DVD's or videos since we have kids it wasn't an option to buy a new flat screen since we were really being cautious with our money since I've stopped working to be a stay at home mom.

Well, I've been dropping hints to John that I would love a new rug in the basement and that I would really like to get rid of our t.v. and entertainment unit which was huge and overbearing for the basement.  But I knew we were extra tight right now so I just stopped mentioning it and was actually rather satisfied with what we had.

Well, come to find out for the past month John has been shopping prices online (my little researcher honey) and having furniture shipped to his mom's house...all waiting for the right time when I would be away so he could do it all and surprise me!  I don't know how he did it all with the kids but he rewired the new flatscreen, put surround sound speakers on the wall, repainted, shampooed the two flights of stair rugs, shampooed our couches, put down a new rug in the basement, moved all the old stuff out, and brought the old tv to good will, and made sure the kids were happy and fed by having Kelsey, Aunt Laurie, and Grandma Sue over for dinner and entertainment!

Then on Sunday as I was texting him that I was getting closer and almost home he made sure the basement was all set up and in tip top shape...he stayed up most of Friday night and Saturday night getting all of this done...for me...!

I love our new 40 inch t.v., the new layout of the basement, the new fun game chairs, the new rug, and all the clean shampooed upholstery!

Julia and Mark couldn't wait to surprise me too!  Julia had the biggest smile on her face...and she goes, "Mom are you happy!!!??? Do you like it???"

Oh yes, my loves, I do!

Thank you!

This picture doesn't even begin to capture how much space and much more open the basement area is now!  I l just love it!!!  Now, I'm just working on how to use it :)


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