21 October 2011

Classical Education

I'm beginning to research some websites (and talk to my home school friends who use it) on Christian Classical Education.

Most children begin preschool about age 3-4 and this December when Julia turns 4 I'd really like to begin a more formal curriculum with her, and as you know I'm not a worksheet girl.  We are very hands on over here and so I'm trying to find a curriculum that works best for my children's learning style and also my teaching style.

Classical Education Website

So this weekend in particular I will be busy researching and planning and checking things out!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Kristi, I do believe there is a Classical group in your area that meet weekly.

  2. Thanks Michelle, that is one of the things that sparked my interest because I saw information and meeting times in Lincroft on the CCOB website!!! Michele Conte is going to sit down with me and also explain! Thanks for reading my blog!


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