10 October 2011

Women's Retreat 2011

This weekend I got to slip away and be refreshed on a women's retreat in Pennsylvania with my church.

John was a huge blessing to me as he took over managing house and family while I was away.

I got to be with my sisters in the Lord (many of which who are a part of my Bible study on Tuesdays...and also some new ladies) and I got to sit back and learn from a professor at PBU, Sheryl Vasso and her ministry partner Cammy Tidwell.  Both ladies were amazing!

Me and Patti
What a gift your spouse can give to you by allowing you to be refreshed in the Lord and getting away with good, godly friends.  We went to a retreat place called the Tuscorora Inn in Mount Bethel, PA.  This place is near and dear to my heart because 9 years ago, John and I went on a retreat with our young adult group (John was a new believer in the Lord and was so excited to go on a christian retreat with Pastor Steve and the gang).  And a few weeks later...he proposed to me!

Me and my girlfriends Patti and Debbie left early Friday evening when our husbands got home, and we drove together.  It was a beautiful ride down there, and the hotel like conference center is right by the Delaware River.  It is really beautiful and the weather was PERFECT.

We arrived around 7:45, ate a quick meal and headed to the first session where Dr. Vasso spoke on personalities: Sanguine, Melancholy, Choleric, and Phlegmatic.  Man, did we learn a lot about ourselves and our behaviors, strengths and weaknesses when we took the test.

This was my roommate buddy Marian.  Both of us have a daughter and a son...Marian's son Brodee is a first grader, and both of our daughters are almost 4 (they are only about a week a part!) and they are in Awana together.

Marian and I got to stay up late and share stories and take our personality tests together.

It was a great mommy bonding time!

Marian is also a high school teacher so she shared some of her teaching topics this year, her students, and life juggling work and family.

I learned that Marian loves the Lord (which I knew) and more about her family life on this trip.  It's neat getting to know your sisters in the Lord better, and laughing with them, playing games with them, praying with them and teasing them!

Marian was my hero, when she saved me a meal because I had to lay day and miss lunch due to a migraine.

I'm thankful for all my sisters in Christ, and all that I learned about myself.  I'm thankful for the time away and the precious moments with just me and the Lord.  And I'm thankful for my husband who always allows me to go to trips like this, take care of the kids, and has time to plan special things for me when I arrive home...more on that tomorrow!!!

Luke 5:16 But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.

Thank you Lord for the time to slip away and do something different, and spend time with YOU.


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