25 October 2011

What will they remember?

As a Mom I sometimes wonder...

Will they remember the lessons I planned...

the words that I taught them?

the prayers we shared?

the games we played?

the songs we sung?

the pictures we drew?

the paintings we painted?

the verses we memorized?

the sights we saw?

Or will they remember...

the quiet moments snuggling the couch?

the words of affirmation?

the love they felt?

the yummy s'mores we made in front of the fireplace?

the extra stories we read at bedtime?

the tears we wiped away?

the sound of our laughter?

the feel of our warm embraces?

I hope they will remember.



  1. Kristi, you got me again! I wonder what mine will remember too? I just love this post. It makes me want to journal more about my children and how they are blessing me. Thinking of starting a book called "I love you today..." for Scott and my babies about why I love them each day. I will simply share with them why I love them or what they did that day to bless me or make me smile! I might even blog about it after i get it going but you give me inspiration to get it moving!
    Thanks for sharing your heart! I always love reading what you have to share!

  2. Oh Valerie, you are so kind! And what a great idea!!! I can't wait to read the book you write for them!!!


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