04 October 2011

Motherhood Mission

I don't think I ever realized how selfish I am as a human until I had children.  Let's face it, I like things my way.  I want my shower to be long and hot, I want my coffee to be light and sweet, and I want my days to be neat and organized and carefree...and once you have kids, you realize, that's just not how life is!

John and I had four wonderful years being married without kids and we've had four AMAZING years with kids, and God is teaching me my new mission in life is to get motherhood right.  I need to do three things everyday: 1. Put God first, 2. Pray A LOT, and 3. Be flexible always

I am SO BLESSED to be a mom and I really want to do a good job.  I have two healthy children who are really smart and who keep us hopping.  There is never a dull moment.

My mission right now is to invest this precious time that I am home to be a great wife and a loving mom.  Julia often asks me, Mom, why are you praying?  And I tell her, because I need God's strength right now.  I find myself praying out loud in the car, while I cook, and during our chores.  I can't do it all in my own strength...it's taken me a long time to get this one.  I know it on paper and in my mind, but normally I try to do it all in my own strength.

My prayer for you today is that you realize that motherhood is an awesome mission.  That you realize how truly precious your little one's are (I'm sure you know!) and that you ask God for all of the strength you need each day to pour into your kids and invest in them.

Everyone keeps telling me to treasure every minute, and I can honestly tell you, I absolutely do!


Today's menu item was a delicious crock pot beef stew! Click here if you are hungry!


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  1. #3 is a hard one. :o) I think a lot of us bloggers fall into the Type A category and flexible is just not something we are used to being. :o) But you absolutely, without a doubt, cannot be a parent without at least bending a little bit. :o)


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