20 October 2011

The Pictures Say It All

I'm so happy I'm your mom.

Just holding you brings me joy.

I love to hear you both laugh.

My day is good when I see you in the morning.

I feel content being your mom.

I am so proud of the little people you are becoming.

I love to hear you speak.

I can't wait to see what God has in store for you.

Joy. Joy. Joy.

Julia, you're getting so big.  And I am so glad to be YOUR mommy.  I get to be Julia's mom, and that's so great!  You make me proud each day in some way, and I can't believe how much you are growing and learning.

Forever Best Friends.

I never would have known that a brother and a sister could be so close.

I love seeing you two interact.

You both have such sweet hearts and tender words for each other (yes, we are always working on sharing, but for the most part you two have the best interest out for the other.)

Julia--Mark really looks up to you, so continue to set a good example.

Mark--Julia is older than you, but as her brother you can always look out for her and protect her, and take good care of her!

I love you.


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