24 October 2011

The Birthday Plan

Birthday planning is taken very seriously over here!

Miss Julia Star turns 4 years old this December 31st...and Mommy has been plotting and planning ever since her last birthday party.

Let's take a look back and see what we've done.  When Julia turned 1 we threw her a big party at the church, around 80 people came, family, church friends, library friends, neighborhood friends, lots of fun was celebrated (and I was 4 months pregnant with Mark at the time).  There was a coloring table, a puppet show, and face painting, and lots of food and a few slide shows of all the pictures of Julia since birth.

When Julia turned two we had another big party, about 35 people, friends, family and kids at the Taekwondo school.  We had an Elmo theme and Daddy dressed up as Elmo and came.  Big success!

When Julia turned three we had a friend party (about 20 people came) at the Build a Bear in the Mall...that was fun too!  Then we ate out as a family at a Sushi restaurant!  Yum!

This year I considered a few places, Julia's gymnastics school, the Wonder Wing Museum, or a small family party at the Rain Forest Cafe...and after talking to Daddy we decided that this year's birthday is going to be a rather intimate celebration.  We will head to the mall, eat out, and go on the carousel.  I'm glad Daddy helped me out on this one...I can't believe my baby girl is turning 4!

"The days are long but the years are short!!!"


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