25 February 2013

The Last Few Weeks....

Psalm 19: 14 May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight oh Lord my strength and my Redeemer.

Everyone who has been pregnant knows that the last month drags on and on and that it is the slowest and most difficult.  I've gained between 28lbs at this point and most of it is right in the abdomen region (which how have I not tipped over at this point I don't know).

At this point in the pregnancy I am tired faster, out of breath, and slightly overwhelmed at moments.  But I want these last few weeks to be good memories and not negative ones.  I want to really be purposeful in choosing to smile and think about my blessings and do fun things with my two big kids before our lives really change!

So I've asked God just to give me one verse to somewhat meditate on these last few weeks (I'm currently 35 weeks and 4 days).  I think this verse stood out because my words and my thoughts are vital.  I can choose to be positive or to complain about the aches and pains...and trust me when people ask, "How do you feel?" at this point, they really don't want to hear a sob story, they want to hear how excited you are for your little baby to be born, they want to hear the joy in your voice.  And they should!

I've also asked God to give me some creative ways of spending these last few weeks with the big kids.  We still need to go on our hospital tour with Daddy, I want to get my Marky some new sneakers he's been asking for, and I want to take Julia out on a girl date to Sweet and Sassy.

I also want to surround myself with people whom I love and know love me and are going to also be positive at this point and support us.  We had a wonderful time at the Coyles house on Friday, just talking about the baby, and playing with Mark and Julia and spoiling them.  Lisa and her kids always make us feel so loved and special.  She always is so excited for the baby to come and so positive.  And she always goes out of her way to make Mark and Julia feel so special.

Each week I want to focus on certain areas of the house too...

This week: The laundry room (organizing the shelves, dusting, and washing the baby clothes I got from my surprise shower this weekend.)

Next week: Organizing the pantry and perhaps cooking a few meals to freeze...

2nd week of March: Organizing the kids bedrooms (getting rid of some winter clothes to GoodWill and making room for Spring clothes)

3rd week of March: Organizing the upstairs linen closet and baby's closet

4th week of March: Putting my feet up because baby will be here pretty soon!


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