20 February 2013

My Baby "Sprinkle" aka Baby Shower

My buddy Rachel made this cake all by herself!
"Children are a gift of the Lord!"

My wonderful Sisters in Christ at Jacob's Well threw me a "sprinkle" last Friday.  We had such a great time and we laughed together, prayed together and ate together.  They all spoiled me and baby Micah rotten and John and I were so very blessed.

My absolute favorite part about the sprinkle was when we all finished eating dessert and each woman went around the table and prayed over the rest of my pregnancy, my labor/water birth, my marriage, and the transition to bringing baby Micah home.  It was so beautiful and it was something I will never quite forget.  I've never been prayed over like that by a group of women before and it was really so beautiful.

My beautiful sisters in Christ
We all were led into the best baby shower games I've ever done.  Jessica did a fantastic job of being so creative and making us all laugh.  Some of us were laughing so hard we were crying.  What fun!  It's so nice to feel so loved and special and a part of the group.

silly games

The ladies had to draw a baby on the top of their paper plate which was on their head.  I had to pick the "best" one!  These drawings were a riot!!!  We did a mad libs about the delivery...this is what made us lose our minds in laughter, and we played a poem game where you had to keep passing around a prize and you weren't sure who was going to get it.  Thanks Jess for the awesome games!

Me at 34 weeks

There's a belly shot!  All the ladies brought yummy goodies.  Thank you!!!

Mommy can't wait for Micah to get here!

After a few fun games we did gifts!!! I couldn't get over how small everything was...It's amazing how you forget how small and newborn is, even after you've had two!!!  I can't wait to cuddle this little guy.

Thank you Jesus, for the sweetest sisters, the sweetest little 'growing in the tummy' baby, and the sweetness of fellowship.


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  1. What a lovely shower and blog! Stopping by from the Mingle Hop and am now following you! So nice to meet you!


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