26 February 2013

Top Ten BEST Moments of my life

#1 The day John proposed to me in the Lambertsons's back yard at a choir picnic in front of 80 people!  June 9, 2002.

#2 Our wedding day in front of all of our family and friends, where we were able to share our own vows, and give testimony to how much we loved the Lord, and how much we planned on loving each other.  August 8, 2003.

#3 Surprising my parents and taking them to Rome during Christmas vacation in 2004...seeing the Vatican, the Sistina Chapel, the fount de trevi, the Spanish steps, and eating pizza and gelatos every day.  I felt so beautiful in Rome...I think I literally glowed.  I have never smiled so much as when we were in Rome...we are planning to go back to Italy in 2 years and I can't wait! December 26-Jan 3rd 2004.

#4 Buying our first home in July of 2005...we bought our town house in 2003 when we got married, but we knew we wanted to start a family at some point so we needed more than 2 bedrooms.  When John brought me to see our home on Joyce Street and he showed me the 3 bedrooms upstairs, the 3 bathrooms, the huge extra additional play room next to the kitchen, the finished basement and the office in the basement I knew this was the place we were going to raise our family!  I still remember so clearly being in the upstairs bedroom next to the Master bedroom and sitting in the rocking chair Sabine (the former owner who had twin girls) left for me and pretending to cradle a baby...John knew then he was in BIG trouble because the baby bug had bit me hard!

#5 John surprising me on Christmas morning with a trip to Paris (he kept telling me we were going to Washington DC for vacation).  I was opening up all these gifts and the next thing I knew he handed me a calendar...of Paris!  Then a travel book...of Paris...and he said, "We leave today!"  I still remember screaming and crying and calling my friends and family to tell them.  I also remember crying when I first saw the Eiffel Tower in person.  See, I had taken French since I was in 7th grade, and I took Honors French and AP French in High School, so going to France and actually using my French was so important to me, and John knew that! Dec 25-Jan 2nd 2005.

#6 London.  Oxford.  Princess Diana land.  When we went to the RZIM week in July of 2005 and 2006 and studied Apologetics in Oxford it was the most amazing experience ever.  I felt so...so...smart!  It was like going to Harvard.  And John and I would stay in London for a few days before or after each week long class to take in the sights and I just loved London.  The shopping, and sights, and food...there are so many different ethnic backgrounds in London, it's like a huge Manhattan but cleaner and everyone has a cool accent.  I would love to go back one summer.

#7 Julia Star.  In April of 2006 we found out we were pregnant.  We didn't tell our family for the longest time because mostly it took so long to get pregnant, almost a year, and secondly we didn't want to jinx it or tell people too early and then lose the baby...but when we did we realized just how happy a new baby can make people!  Julia was due on January 13, 2008...my father in laws birthday...Julia came on Dec 31st 2007 (our tax deduction baby who was born at 8lbs...dr Giovine said I definitely would have had a 9lb baby if I had her on time)  She has been such an inquisitive, playful, curious, joyous, and bright little girl.  What can I say children really are a gift from the Lord.

#8 Celebrating my 30th birthday with Aunt Kat and John's family in Florida with John and Julia in tow.  Aunt Kat treated us like royalty.  She made my favorite dinner, my favorite birthday cake, she showed us all around, we were able to just relax and show off our baby girl and enjoy the sun.  It was a great treat!

#9 Mark Ciro. In Sept/Oct of 2008 we found out we were pregnant AGAIN.  Surprise, surprise!  Can I just tell you when I took that pregnancy test I couldn't stop smiling!  I was so happy.  Julia was about 9 months old at the time and she was such a good sleeper, eater, and playful baby I just knew we could handle another!  Mark was due on June 13th 2009...he came two days after labor day on May 27 2009!  Another early baby that was 8lbs!

#10 This spot is reserved for you know who!

Looking back on all of these best moments in my life...all of them have two things in common...God's richest blessings, and John.  I'm so thankful for a God who faithfully blesses His people, and a husband who faithfully blesses his wife and family!



  1. What a sweet post! Thanks for sharing your top ten highlights. This is inspiring me to reflect on my favorites as well!


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