05 February 2013

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Historical Movie

John came home early last night so I could lay on the bed and rest which was a very wonderful rarity in my life at this point.  So I grabbed the IPAD and put on netflix and came across this movie and now I can't stop thinking about it.  The movie was made in 2008 and I would give it 5 stars and highly recommend it for adults.

One of the saddest periods in our history is the holocaust.  The millions of innocent lives who were killed for no other reason than their nationality/race just breaks my heart to the core.  Between slavery and the holocaust I could watch a million movies, read a million books, and still want more.  I just can't fathom such idiotic hatred for fellow man.  But I do understand that all of our hearts are wicked.  And left to our own sinful desires a holocaust, slavery, genocide, all of it happens and is possible.

This movie was about a head soldier who moved his family within feet of a concentration camp where there was a labor camp and a crematorium.  This family was very high up in Hitler's top soldiers and very wealthy.  They had servants, drivers, and even teachers/tutors came to teach the children of the family which was a 12 year old girl and an 8 year old boy.

The 8 year old boy, Bruno is the main actor of the movie.  He is sweet.  He is curious.  He is innocent of anything to do with Nazi's and Adolf Hitler's agenda...as is the mother.  Bruno doesn't want to move to a new home but Father convinces the family it will be a good move for the family.  He never mentions to his wife that it is less than a mile from a camp.  He never mentions to his wife what takes place at the camp, or how horribly the Jews are treated, or how the Jews are being exterminated.

Bruno first meets a servant in his home who peels the potatoes.  Under this servants apron are those silly striped pajamas.  "Why do the people in the farm outside my window mom all wear pajamas?"  You are watching the movie through an 8 year olds eyes and it is a very awesome perspective.  Bruno wonders why this servant is treated so roughly.  Why is he yelled at and belittled in front of everyone?  Father explains, well those people on the "farm" aren't really people.  At this point you want to shake the dad.  Even Bruno doesn't buy the words that are coming out of his father's mouth.

At this point Bruno is forbidden to look out of his window or go in the back yard of his home where there is a barbed wire electric fence, poor Bruno thinks the fence is there to keep in the animals.  Little does he know that there are no animals.

Bruno meets a young 8 year old at the fence and they become fast friends.  The Jewish boy becomes Bruno's teacher about the war.  Bruno has no idea about why everyone hates the Jews, or that what his father and the soldiers are doing is bad.

One line that I will never forget is when Bruno asks the Jewish boy, "Are you proud of your father?"  Because the more Bruno learns about the war, the more he sees how the Jews are treated and what his father allows, the more his eyes are opened to the truth of the ugliness and hatred in his father. 

It is a sad and moving movie...and the end is very very unexpected.  It is a must see.

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