22 February 2013

Julia's Social Studies Presentation

Kindergartner of the Year

We were really proud of miss Julia Star as she bravely stood in front of a cafeteria full of at least 100+ home-schoolers and their families and gave her report on Thomas Edison's invention of the Light Bulb.

Most of the students who participate in the Annual Social Studies Fair are older Elementary and Middle School students, but I feel the younger Pre-K kids and lower elementary kids steal the show with their hard work, bravery, and complete cuteness!  Yes, I know.  I am extremely biased.

Daddy came home early from work on Monday to attend Julia's special presentation and that really meant a lot to all of us.  I needed the extra hands of help with Mark, and Julia needed to know that Daddy will drop anything to come see her in her school events.  So, a big thank you to the world's best Daddy.

A great big thank you to younger brother Mark who clapped and cheered for his sister and who wanted to help as she colored and decorated and re-traced her presentation board.  Mark was very good in the 2 1/2 hour presentation time, and his favorite part was when we had intermission and everyone got to have snacks, including my brownies which he devoured!

Mommy was dreading this project this time around.  Can you imagine why?  I've been so tired lately and I kept putting the project off thinking we would just skip it this year, but when push came to shove I decided this is such a great experience and opportunity for Julia to be around other home schoolers, to practice reading in front of other people, to just practice any type of public speaking, and to learn something new.  So yes, mommy was 8 1/2 months pregnant and tired...but we still did it!  Yay for us!

I was allowed to hold the microphone for Julia as she read her index cards.  She was much more shy this year than last year, which surprised me, but she was the very last student to go, and after watching over 40+ students go and waiting and waiting for your turn we were proud of her for being brave enough to go and do her very best.

I am learning, as a home school mom, that each experience, each new thing we learn does not have to be mastered or perfect (although the perfectionist in me cries, "YES it does have to be perfect!")  I am learning to really try to sit back and enjoy these new opportunities where Julia and Mark get to blossom and grow.  I am also learning that when you are 8 months pregnant you are very very hard on yourself as a mom.  I'm thankful for John's support because many a time this year I have wanted to give up home schooling.  It is so hard, especially when I am so tired these days.

And wouldn't you know when the program was over, Julia was so happy and so proud of herself.  I still see her pulling out her presentation cards and reading them to her brother or stuffed animals.  So I know she did enjoy the experience.

And Mark cried at the end of the program.  Not because we had to leave.  Not because he wanted another brownie.  But because he didn't get a chance to say HIS speech and do HIS presentation.  "Buddy, you are only 3 we didn't sign you up this year and we didn't do a project this year, next year we will sign you up and you will get a chance to go!"  Who would've known that a 3 year old shy boy would be so brave (ahem, competitive) and want to do public speaking????

And the home school adventure continues...

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