19 February 2013

The Life of Pi

The Life of Pi
Movie Review

John and I  recently saw this movie about a young Indian boy who is basically shipwrecked and left to fend for himself on a boat in the middle of the Pacific.  The "only" problem is the boat has several wild animals on it: a monkey, a hyena, a zebra, and a tiger!  Plus, he is stranded in the middle of the ocean for several months.  And he loses his whole family when the freighter he is on is shipwrecked.  Your heart breaks for him as he loses his mother, father, and brother and struggles to survive against the harshness of wide open sea.

The movie, The Life of Pi, starts out with the Indian man sharing this experience with an author who is anxious to write his story.  So you know from the beginning that obviously he survives this awful ordeal.  But as the movie goes on and the boy tries to survive and stay hydrated, keep away from sharks, and find food you wonder how it is possible he will live one more hour.

It is very similar to Tom Hank's movie Castaway.  Except, Tom is stranded on an island alone, and the boy is stranded in the middle of the ocean alone.

If I were to rate this movie, I would give it 3 out of 5 stars.  We saw it in 3D which was cool, but the amount of money that movie tickets cost these days, it was really hard for me to hand over the money knowing in a few months I could've just rented it from Redbox for $1.

The movie has a happy ending which of course I enjoyed and you expect and so for all of you happy ending people, you will like that!


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