04 April 2014


Photography by Erin Nicastro

Friday Wisdom

2 Corinthians: 13:11
Aim for perfection, listen to my appeal, be of one mind, live in peace.  And the God of love and peace will be with you.

The Dictionary defines perfection as the quality or condition of being perfect.  The act or process of perfecting.  A person or thing considered to be perfect.  An instance of excellence.

Oh, wow, how I just long to be perfect.  It's really to my own detriment.  I know I can't be perfect, but so often I want to be.  I want my day to go just as I planned it to be.  I want everyone to be hair brushed, washed, buttoned, and with a belt on please Mark.  I want my meals to go as scheduled.  I want school time to be an ever present passage of learning and understanding and lightbulbs to be flashing on!  Sometimes I get complaining, crying, and lots of "I can't do this!"

If I am supposed to be excellent in all things then my meals need to be perfect, my kids need to be perfect, my marriage needs to be perfect, right?  How will I ever measure up to my own standards, forget about Gods?

But that's not what God's word says.  Today in my devotional I learned that perfection starts at the core.  Perfection starts with my heart.  Do I have a clean heart before God?  How does He see me?  I can walk in Christian perfection (and not have a perfect meal plan, and mark can be without a belt) if my heart is right and if I am truly seeking God.


Did you hear my huge sigh of relief?

I hope you can rest in HIS perfect love and peace today.  Have a great weekend!


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