30 April 2014

The Hidden Art of Homemaking

Book Club Wednesday

This book by Edith Schaeffer has been circulating through all of the young moms at my church, so much so that I couldn't wait for my turn to read the book so I just ended up ordering it on amazon! (so impatient, I know!)

Have you ever taken time to just sit and think about all the things that God has created?

Leaves, grass, the galaxies, the ocean, stars, mountains, babies...

Isn't He the perfect artist?

In Colossians we are reminded that "For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible."

God created ALL things.  

All things visible: my front lawn, the buds on the trees, the rain pouring down my window, and Micah's chubby fingers come to mind.

Our God is so creative.

Think about you as a homemaker, how you create things.  I'm thinking of tonight's meal for example. I made a quick inventory of my ingredients.  I chopped, I planned, I rinsed, I cleaned, and I seasoned.  (my favorite part is the seasoning).  When we create we come up with an idea and we do our best to our ability to follow through and carry that task out.  We make a choice and then we follow through.  
But because we are human we are limited by choice and talent and sometimes resources.  Come on, have you ever thought of the perfect meal, and did not have all the ingredients you needed?  Have you ever made a meal and it was a flop or worse...burnt?

God has no limits.  He has endless choices, talents and resources!  That's why all He has created is perfectly planned out and executed perfectly, perfectly timed.

I am so glad that He loved me.  I am so glad that He created me.  He has given me a purpose.  He has timed my life out perfectly and any surprises that come my way, or problems, He already knew about and expected, and has the answer for...what a relief.

Today I am taking time to enjoy the sound of the rain on my window.  I'm listening to the wind in the fire place, and I'm smelling the yummy chicken cooking....and I am thankful that God is the perfect artist, and that He has made me one too.


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