28 July 2014

Not Taken For Granted

For All You Do...

In just 2 weeks John and I will celebrate our 11 year wedding anniversary.  I think the fastest part of those 11 years has been the last 6...beginning with the birth of Julia, then Mark, Micah, til now.  I feel like the part of us that actually was able to enjoy true quality time with one another was the first 5 years, before the kids and glorious and joyous chaos that they bring.  

The past 7 months have been the absolute most stressful part of our marriage.  Not really between us as a couple but just with the demands of life and the choices we have had to make with finding out we were pregnant with Amelia, putting our house on the market, and then actually finding a new home that fits all of our needs.

This past weekend I basically had a "nervous breakdown" in my own way, probably not in the truest definition.  I just couldn't sleep, talk, or eat.  The stress of life and just trying to really grasp how much is going to change for us this next month is so incredibly overwhelming.

But John has really been my Rock.  And going to church this morning and worshiping just really put everything back into perspective.  We sang this song about how the waves can be crashing all around us but we just need to keep our eyes on Christ.  I keep looking all around at my "mess" and the scary circumstances and I keep doubting and forgetting to trust.

I know in my mind that it will all get done.  But the details of it all are just so incredibly stressful.  And then there are so many decisions we have left to make with Seminary, Chinese School, Homeschool, Fall Activities for the kids, and I just want to bury my head in the covers and pray for September to get here.

We just had our home inspection 2 weeks ago, and there was a list of about 16 or 17 things that we had to work on to have the house in tip top shape for the new homeowners, and don't you know...in the last 2 weeks John has completed every single task except one.  Every.  Single.  Task.

I don't think he will ever truly know just how much I appreciate all that he does.  And I just love him for working so hard when I can't really be of much help these days except to sign papers, run errands, watch the kids, and make necessary phone calls.

Even this weekend he helped with dinner, spent quality time with the kids, which they desperately need from him.  He even taught my Sunday School Class...Again.  He just keeps being so faithful and dependable and I am just really blessed and thankful and I hope he knows that I do not take him for granted at all.  I so appreciate the man he is.

And to make the weekend even better...we got to have a date night on Saturday and saw an awesome movie together.  

So, eleven years later...I am still the girl who is so in love with her man, so thankful for him in my life, and so lucky that he chose me to be his wife.  I love you, babe.


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