30 July 2014

Mommy Camp

Old Bridge Public Library

Making The Most of Summer

I have decided to not start school until after Amelia is born and possibly after Labor Day weekend.  I was going to start August 3rd and get a head start before the baby came but we packed all my homeschool things up and until we are settled into our new home I really can't even think about school.  I guess that is the beauty of homeschool.

So, that leaves the rest of August to keep the kids busy.   This week is our last week of a Vacation Bible School so our next full open week of nothing starts next week and you know me--we will not be doing nothing...even if I am 9 months pregnant these kids will have structure and fun and things to do to keep them happy and busy.

I have decided to structure our days as following since Micah still takes a nap and since I really can't be out all day in the heat this pregnant.

Activity 1


Activity 2



Activity 3




This is the only way I will survive the next few weeks before we move and before Amelia comes.  Honestly all I want to do is lay in bed and drink water and eat grapes, but since I can't we must press on and be productive with our time.

Activity 1 will most likely be something like reading a few books, coloring, or writing in our summer journal.

Outing time will consist of going to a park while it's still cool out, going to the library for story/play time, meeting up with friends at the pool, or running errands.

Activity 2 is usually back yard time because there are no mosquitoes out yet and the kids ride bikes and play while I fix lunch.

After lunch we all usually head downstairs to watch a short movie or we have Drop Everything and Read Time.

Activity 3 is going to be artsy: craft time, painting, play dough, or possibly baking!

Then the kids will wash hands, set the table and we will eat dinner.

This is usually when I beg/text John to hurry home.  We then do bath time/showers and all the kids read on their beds til dad gets home.

It's called Mommy Camp.  We all do variations of it.  We keep our kids busy and occupied while enjoying their company.


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