31 July 2014

Emptying Your Pantry

Being Frugal

Since I am watching every penny, packing up the house, and trying to be frugal, I have decided to grocery shop less and use up what I have in the pantry.

I figure this will help with having to worry about packing loads of pantry and cabinet items and it will save money too.

So on Sunday night I made a weekly menu using only the meats and canned food and pantry items I had in the fridge.  Usually I just choose whatever I feel like eating and on Monday go food shopping and pick up all the ingredients.  We have been so spoiled to live like that.

After looking at my pantry/cabinet/fridge stock I found that I could easily make the following meals this week:

Monday: chicken soup with potatoes 
Tuesday: Tuna melts with corn on the side
Wednesday: Baked potatoes w/sour cream, cheddar cheese and broccoli
Thursday: Beef stew
Friday: Leftovers

I refuse to go food shopping this week.  I am not going til Saturday when I can shop alone and John will be home.  And I only plan on buying milk, bread, eggs, bananas, and apples the only things we run out of weekly.

So far my plan is working and my pantry stock is getting smaller!  I love it.  This has been a really fun challenge for me.  I'm hoping I can keep it up until baby gets here.  When she comes I plan on hiring a male cook...his name will be John :).


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